smbd problem

Matthew Halliday matthewh at
Mon Mar 6 13:44:28 GMT 2000

I'm building a RedHat fileserver using an HP LH3 fileserver.  I can't
get the sbmd running however.  The trial machine we've been running for
4 months now has the same setup and works perfectly.  nmbd runs ok, but
when I look at log.smb, it says

bind failed on port 139_0.0.0.0 address already in use.

But in inetd.conf there's only smbd on port 139.   This is a fresh
server-installation of RedHat 6.1, and the LH3 has 256MB RAM, PIII-500,
5x9GB RAID disk, and has run fine in revious trial installations on this
machine.  WOTS WRONG?????  Can anyone help coz it's a tad frustrating!

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