Users and shares

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Mar 6 07:01:16 GMT 2000

[Goonetilleke, Anthony]
> I know this question has probably been asked several thousand times
> but I cannot find an appropriate answer.  Can someone tell me how I
> can enable a single NT workstation user (SP5 encrypted passwords)
> connect to several Unix users home dirs, while prompting for a
> password each time.

>From the same Unix host?  NT has a limitation where it won't knowingly
connect to the same machine with two different sets of credentials.

I think you can accomplish this with the `netbios aliases': set up
several aliases for the same Unix machine, and get each home directory
from a different one.  That may be the best you can do.

(The alternative is to set up multiple IP addresses on the machine and
refer to those when you connect.  Or even use multiple Sambae.)


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