SAMBA digest 2435

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Fri Mar 3 14:11:21 GMT 2000

Hello Ulairi,
HP's Advanced Server for Unix (AS/U) mapuname functionality is fully available
via the "username map" feature of Samba.  You can map many NT/9x usernames to a
single HP-UX username, or map one to one.  The 'net' commands in AS/U are a
different matter - it WOULD be nice to have this functionality in Samba, as it
does allow you to do a significant amount of CIFS server management from the
unix command line that you otherwise have to do from a client via gui's.  I HAVE
seen some discussion on this list about maybe trying to implement something like
this in the future, so I wouldn't be surprized if it shows up in some future
release.  That's the nice thing about open source - if its really needed,
SOMEBODY out there will code it in...
Hope this helps,
Don McCall

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