HP's CIFS/9000 product

William R. Knox wknox at mitre.org
Fri Mar 3 14:38:45 GMT 2000

I'm sure you've been swamped with replies, but here is another to add to
the list:

Samba does in fact support username mapping through (coincidentally
enough) the "username map" parameter, which you supply with a filename
which contains your mapping. See the man page for smb.conf or one of the
very good books about Samba (I've found "Using Samba" by Eckstein,
Collier-Brown, and Kelly and "Samba - Integrating UNIX and Windows" by
Blair both INCREDIBLY useful) for more info.

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ulairi wrote:
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> One of the interesting things LanMan does is it allows you to map a user
> name from the NT side of things (or, rather, the SID) to a unix user name
> (or, rather, the UID) via their "mapuname" command. Why do I think that's
> nice? Because A: I can map multiple NT users to a single UNIX username. B: I
> have the control on how the mapping is done, the system does not try to look
> it up based on what the client supplied - if I have folks that are having a
> hard time with their web browsers, I can have them log into their NT
> environment using their full name as the user name and have the shares be
> supplied by the LanMan deamon running in their "UNIX-side" context without
> them ever having to delve into the "strange" world of command-line
> interfaces and such.
> (Then again, this ability might be in SAMBA, I've not found it yet, then).
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