TriDent (was: Safe and stable)

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In your message regarding Re:  TriDent (was: Safe and stable) dated Thu,
02 Mar 2000 14:23:15 -0500, David Collier-Brown said that ...

>  	Sure: in the case of exactly one user using the database's
>  	data files, they would be cached locally on that person's
>  	client.  This causes a performance improvement.
>  	In the normal multi-user case, the first client gets an oplock,
>  	caches the file, and as soon as the second user comes along,
>  	gets an oplock break and has to write-back the cache, wasting
>  	time.  After that, the two (or more) users access individual
>  	chunks of the file from the server, with no caching, but under
>  	control of windows byte-range locks.
>  	I'd mildly recommend making just the share that the database
>  	is on non-cached (oplocks = no), as it will save on wasted
>  	attempts to cache, and not hurt performance if you have
>  	more than one user.

This was exactly the answer I was looking for - thank you very much indeed.

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