Announce: another list archive mirror

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Mar 2 05:37:24 GMT 2000

I mentioned this once before, but that was while the list archive
mirror at us1 was down, so the announcement was somewhat useless as it
probably didn't reach most of the target audience....

Last month, while the mirror was not
getting updated, I threw Apache onto my personal box where I had
already been mirroring the same content for my own use.  (Local-speed
access to the archive is extremely helpful as I compose my KC Samba
newsletter.)  Now that us1 is being updated again, I've decided to keep
my server up, just in case it's faster for anyone and/or us1 stagnates
again.  Redundancy, y'know.  Location is in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

I am only mirroring the list archives, not the rest of the Samba pages.
(I might add those later, if there's any interest.  I think I have
enough spare drive space.)


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