Using DDNS as a backend for WINS?

Bob Franklin r.c.franklin at
Wed Mar 1 18:08:48 GMT 2000


We've just added a dynamic subdomain on our DNS servers for W2K's
Active Directory stuff.

While I can't comment on the AD stuff, the DDNS (on BIND 8) seems to
work nicely (so far - fingers crossed!) and replicates well between
our DNS servers.

Has anyone done any work on turning WINS lookups (of all record types)
into DNS lookups, and WINS [de]registrations into DNS updates?  [Since
this would solve the lack of WINS replication in Samba problem.]

I see Samba can now fire off commands when WINS registrations happen,
is there something I can slot in to do DDNS updates and lookups in a
specific domain (e.g. '').

Apologies if there's been something about this already and I missed it.

Thanks in advance,

  - Bob

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