: Re: Multiple smbd processes generated

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Wed Mar 1 14:56:09 GMT 2000

Andrew Boswell wrote: 
> NFS hopping is pretty crucial to our current Samba architecture.  Its
> one of the features which we really like about Samba and usually works
> fine over our network.  So we can't get rid of the problem by only
> Samba serving local filestore.

	If you're using automounter and NIS to serve home
	directories via NFS, you can use a Samba option
	to auto-redirect the SMB connections to the actual
	fileserver with the home directories. This basically
	allows samba to say says "redirect your mount request 
	to <server x>", where server x has the actual disks
	in question and is also running Samba.

	This is also discussed in 

	I think one could fake a homedir map without using nis: It's
	a "mere matetr of programming" (;-))

	Personally, I try to centralize home directories onto
	a fairly large server, and use the budgetary savings
	to fund RAIDing it and ordering some fast-repair options...

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