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David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Mar 1 14:09:24 GMT 2000

Craig Weatherhead wrote:
| I'm just curious if there is a way to have samba be able to restart
| a transfer of a file from the point that it left off?

	It's doable "below" Samba using the Samba VFS, by
	passing the start-point as part of a filename and
	having the VFS (which you'd have to write!) return
	the rest of the file.

	Say you were transferring friday.california.dat, and
	the transfer failed. You'd find the length of the file
	with ls -l to be 46015 bytes.  To get the rest, you'd
	request friday.california.dat.46015.

	On the samba side, the open would be passed to the 
	vfs, which would interpret the 46015 as a restart-point,
	create the file with dd and allow samba to return it.
	On close, the temporary file would be deleted.

	The VFS was written by Tim Potter and is scheduled for
	an upcoming samba release, though not the very next... 

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