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>  Mike asked:
>  | I am now thinking of moving a 'mission critical' shared database
>  | (currently on one of the Win98 machines) onto the share on the Linux
>  box -
>  | would you be happy doing this if it was yours???
>  	Depends entirely on the programs acessing it!
>  	The system-side stability of Samba is fine, but 
>  	if the client uses an idiosyncratic locking
>  	strategy, it may or may not be supported on
>  	Samba (or, to be fair, on NT).

Yes it is exactly this aspect that concerns me.  With the program I am
using, 'TriDent', which is a British dental patient management package,
there was an issue with vredir.vxd in Win95B which failed to update the
cache (on the network) so that an incorrect file length was reported to
the client.  Since the client relied on accurate file size information to
determine where to write new data, the mis-reporting of the file size led
to data being lost.

It begs the question then (especially with oplocks on) is there a
probability of the the file size being incorrectly reported to the client
as in the Win95B vredir bug?? (or is Samba above all that?)  The program
is stable on NT.

[Incidentally M$ fixed the bug in 95B vredir.vxd fairly quickly < 6
months, so I guess TriDent wasn't the only program having this problem]

What level of logging (currently 3) would be useful in the early days to
detect any glitches and what sort of error message should I be looking

>  	What's the program?  Several are well-known
>  	to the list...

Don't suppose TriDent is :-)

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