security = domain = headaches

Lev Lvovsky lists1 at
Fri Jun 30 19:24:14 GMT 2000


I'm new to the world of Samba, but am finding it pretty easy to configure
with the ORA book in hand.  I am having a problem though.

I'm trying to incorporate my Linux server onto an NT-controlled
domain.  I'd like to have it so that I don't need to have the names of the
users that are logging onto the linux box, as account-holders.  This is
possible as I understand it.

I don't know how to properly tell the PDC what shares are allowable on the
linux box however.  There's a wizard for file sharing (is there any other
place where I can access this functionality? I feel dirty using a wizard
;).  Upon telling it that I want to allow sharing on a network computer,
and finding the linux box, it gives me the error mesage: "the selected
computer could not be found". 

Is this the method that I use to allow users/groups onto the system as
determined by a PDC?  below is my "global" portion of the smb.conf file:

        workgroup = Irvine
        server string = Support
        security = domain               #use the PDC for authentication
        password server = JOSHUA        #the PDC server
        encrypt passwords = yes

        username map = /etc/samba/login_map

        default service = scratch
        log level = 3

thank you!

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