Problem with samba and win95

Carsten Nordstrøm Jensen north at
Fri Jun 30 08:10:02 GMT 2000

Hi Jörg

unfortunately I have not been able to get the problem
solved. I do know though:
 - apparently there is no problem with Windows 98
 - Increasing the samba debug level to 5 or above makes the problem
disappear. Of course not a very good solution: It
slows Samba somewhat down and a bunch of lengthy
log files are written to.
- If it is "just" a copy you want to do, you can work around the problem by
creating an FTP connection to your server and
copying the file that way.

Hope you have more luck than I have had on this.



Jörg Klotz wrote:

> Hello Carsten,
> i have read about your problem with Samba and Win95 in a newsgroup (when
> you copy files to your Samba share the win95 machine crashes).
> I have the same problem with Sama 2.0.5a and Win95b.
> When you have solve this problem please tell me
> Jörg

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