Sharing printers when "security = user"

Daniel Ford daniel at
Fri Jun 30 07:49:18 GMT 2000

Sorry. I forgot to mention the actual problem.

When I try to share a printer from a workstation it wants a list of users
will be able to access it. And when I try to get the list it says to try

How do I get this list of users???

I'va tried to go through the archives to see if someone else has had this
(as I bet many have, hopefully there is an easy answer).

3 of the workstations in my network have printers that they waht to share to
other workstations. In the smb.conf file "secutiry = user" and on the
"Access Control" is on user level (with "INNOVATE" as NT-Domain).

Daniel Ford

daniel at
Innovate IT

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