Password problem ..... can't share files ..

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri Jun 30 07:25:13 GMT 2000

[Julian.Tan at <Julian.Tan at>]
> After trying a few times, i have finally installed samba in AIX
> machine. I have installed an older version 2.0.0 as only this version
> support AIX 4.2 (if i am wrong, please correct me).

A lot of us have been running newer versions of Samba 2.0.x on AIX 4.x.
I run 2.0.5a on AIX 4.3.1 and 4.3.3.  Nary a problem (until recently, a
server had an argument with my PDC and I had to drop back from
security=domain to =server pending finding time to figure it out).

If you want to control Samba with the `startsrc'/`stopsrc' commands,
it's easy to do but you need a small patch.  See

for details.  Note that `refresh' isn't supported -- *that* patch would
be a great deal more complex.

> In Unix /etc/passwd file, i created the user called samba and created
> a password for it. Then in smbpasswd i created the same thing. In my
> PDC server on NT, i created the same user and password.
> In one of my BDC on NT (logged in as administrator), when I keyed in
> net use w: \\SMBSERVER\samba, it prompted me to enter the password. I
> keyed in the samba password which is synchronised between the UNIX
> and NT servers, i get ACCESS IS DENIED message. I have used all small
> cases in the password so as not to complicate things. Can anyone tell
> me what I missed out ?

You should specify a username as well.  Try both "samba" and
"server01\samba" for the username -- I'm not sure which is right.


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