Ranjit Kumar pedapati_rk at
Fri Jun 30 05:45:18 GMT 2000


I have been trying to configure SAMBA to work with NIS. I have made an
automounter map that works correctly. It mounts a users home directory from 
machine X to /home/user-home on the current server. All this happens 

After I specify the "nishome dir" and "homedir map" correctly, what else do 
I need to include in the smb.conf file to make SAMBA work with NIS.

When I specified just the above two variables and try connect to a users 
home directory, SAMBA serves the /home/user from the current machine. I 
believe it is supposed to return the server name to the (NT/Win9x) client 
and client connects to the actual SAMBA server.

Any sort of help is appreciated.


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