Printing from Windows 2000

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri Jun 30 04:38:00 GMT 2000

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[Stamatis Kantartzis <snk7 at>]
> Hello all...I was having incredible difficulty in setting up my HP
> Color LaserJet 4500

Ooooh, nice printer. (:  And I mean friggin' *nice* printer.

> to be shared on a Caldera 2.3 Linux server with access to it from
> Windows 2000 machines.

Which version of Samba are you using?  I believe Caldera 2.3 shipped
some time before Samba 2.0.7, so you are likely using 2.0.6.  There
*is* a difference -- several known Win2k bugs were fixed in 2.0.7.  I
don't recall if any of them had to do with printing.

> I can log on to the printer through smbclient (but don't know how or
> what to print from there)

try the command "trans; print /etc/passwd" or "trans; print -" if
you're piping from stdin (from a script, most likely).  The "trans"
command prevents stair-stepping.  (Not a problem for PostScript, but it
can be for plain text, depending on how you're set up.  It can't hurt,

> When I click to print a test page, it says "unable to create print
> job," and, of course, nothing happens.

You have installed the print driver from Win2k?  This is one thing
Samba won't do: NT-style print driver sharing.

Here's another thought: try

  copy c:\autoexec.bat \\caldera\hp4500

where "c:\autoexec.bat" is a test page of some sort and
"\\caldera\hp4500" is your print share.  Whether that works or not may
narrow down your problem a little.


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