ACL support? 2.0.8?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Fri Jun 30 04:18:19 GMT 2000

[Edward Schernau <ed at>]
> Just wondering what the status of ACL support in 2.0.8 is,
> specifically if it will support the ACL patches for Linux 2.2.x or
> 2.4.x

Scheduled for Samba 2.2.0, along with NT printer driver support and
other oddities.  2.2.0 will be the next Samba release -- not long ago
we were calling it 2.0.8.  (It seems Jeremy has come to like the
versioning scheme used in Gtk+ and the Linux kernel.  That is one
reason we're skipping 2.1.x.)

Linux does not currently have any official support for ACLs.  The plan
is to support POSIX(-draft)-compliant ACL implementations, such as the
one at


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