Fabrizio Rossel Bocanegra fabrizio at
Thu Jun 29 16:11:22 GMT 2000

Hi to everyone:

First sorry about my english, I know its realy bad .
I am very new configuring SAMBA.

The version I am working is samba-2.0.6-7cl and have windows and Linux Conectiva (whit DOS EMU and PTSDOS) clients.
I try to migrate an NT4.0 server to SAMBA.

My public files and home directories work ok.
But when i probe multiple access to a clipper database whit windows and Linux clients simultaneously the database crashes, and the index introduced by the windows clients
disappear .
I configure this whit Webmin tools but adds some stuff and duplicate the GLOBAL profile in the smb.conf file, so I decide to modify the file in text mode

First the files changed by windows clients appear whit users nobody.nobody, and i correct this, now they appear to be created by root.users,  when deny guest allow to this
share directory.

But my principal trouble is that how i can allow simultaneously access to the database whithout crashes (same as windows systems, but I don't come back to NT)

My Linux workstations works mounting the share directory and loading DOSEMU whit PTSDOS.

The configuration of the share file is:

    path = /ventas
    comment = CARPETA VENTAS
    public = no
    users = jorge,ventas,....
    writable = yes
    create mask = 0777                    # to allow all modify the files
    locking = yes
    guest ok = no
    browseable = yes
    printable = no

This system is in test mode but i really hope that works in order to chance to Linux all my systems.

Fabrizio Rossel
Conectiva Perú
fabrizio at

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