Samba as a time server

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jun 28 11:54:03 GMT 2000

[scott <samba at>]
> is there any way to force Samba to return the non-daylight savings
> time when Win/OS2 clients attempt to syncronise their clocks with it?
> The only way I can tell is to force the entire system to ignore DST
> using /etc/localtime

In your Samba startup script, set the TZ variable to a value that
implies no daylight savings.  I.e. my "correct" TZ is "CST6CDT" but the
no-DST variant would be simply "CST6".

This is untested but it should work, since Samba uses the patented
formula "offset = gmtime() - localtime()" to determine time zone, and
localtime() honors the TZ variable.


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