Samba as a time server

Chris Watt cnww at
Wed Jun 28 11:20:11 GMT 2000

At 16:10 28/06/00 +1000, scott wrote:
>is there any way to force Samba to return the non-daylight savings time when
>Win/OS2 clients attempt to syncronise their clocks with it? The only way I
>can tell is to force the entire system to ignore DST using /etc/localtime

Look in the man page for smb.conf under "time offset". It allows you to
tell Samba to give any time (relative to local time) that you want. To
ignore DST you would probably have to change this twice a year though (I'd
suggest having a cron job alter smb.conf and restart Samba on the
apropriate dates, that way it won't mess you up in the future. Someone else
may have a more elegant solution though).
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