Pls include Message-Id hdrs!! (Re: alternate mail archive)

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jun 28 09:04:23 GMT 2000

[Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at>]
> Please include all the relevant headers in any mailing list archives
> you set up.

I think MHonArc does a decent job of this.  Would you mind checking to see if you have adequate

>  - From
>  - To
>  - Cc

Unfortunately To and Cc are axed at, courtesy of listproc.
Nothing I can do about that.  (Fortunately, according to Tim Potter,
listproc's days at are numbered....)

>  - Date
>  - Subject
>  - Message-Id
>  - Reply-To
>  - Followups-To

MHonArc keeps all these.  (All except followups-to.  I can't tell if it
keeps that one because I don't have any examples anywhere in my samba
list archives.  Either it's not a very popular header, or it too is
being filtered at

> This is necessary so that those of us who don't subscribe to the list
> can actually reply correctly to mails posted to the list.

What we really need is a mail archive program that puts in a little
"send me this" button which e-mails the current message, in pristine
condition, back to you.  Pristine except that it should add a header
like X-Request-IP: to make it easy to filter, in case of abuse.

Looks like a php+postgresql project.  Wonder if it's been done....


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