problem getting nt to see a red hat pc with samba

waynelawsons waynelawsons at
Wed Jun 28 05:11:30 GMT 2000

Hi please can you help.

I have set up a redhat web server on quite a large pc/unix network.  I
have been  ripping my hair out with fustration for around three weeks
The problem:
My Windows NT desktop machine can not see a samba machine on the office
workgroup or anywhere else.  I can ftp, nfs, http and Exceed it but can
not seem to samba it.
I have read all the relevant fqa on your web site and searched around.
I have now ordered some of the books you have recommended and I hope I
will find the way.
In the meantime could you throw some light on this issue or point me in
the right direction with literature on setting NT/Linux systems.

Best Regards

Wayne Lawson

PS Please could you respond to wayne.lawson at

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