[Patch] smbfs in Linux 2.2.16 breaks reading from OS/2 Serve

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Tue Jun 27 17:58:17 GMT 2000

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 klaus-georg.adams at rwg.de wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> your patch from 2.2.15 to 2.2.16, backing out the older protocol levels breaks
> reading from an OS/2 LAN Server.
> The appended patch fixes things for me (against 2.2.16).

This backs out a lot of desired changes. For example I think that 'rm -rf'
on large directories will no longer work if you apply this because you
change the cache to the old behaviour.

> - *  Jan 2000, cpg at aladdin.de
> - *           - added posix semantics for unlink
> - *  March 2000, tridge
> - *           - removed support for old protocol levels. It didn't work anyway
> and
> - *             was cluttering things up a lot.
> + *  20/03/00 (chrisp)
> + *           - fixed FINDFIRST flags for OS/2 Server
> + *           - added lastname/mask stuff back (OS/2 needs it)

And you remove the nice "posix semantics for unlink".

It looks like you have simply gone back to the 2.2.14/15 version, and then
added findfirst/lastname things. Maybe you could make a smaller patch that
only adds back the parts necessary for it to work with OS/2? (or not,
Tridge can probably see that anyway).

Re: Your other email about listing long directories. I suggested something
similar to your patch for fixing this in 2.2, but the preferred change was
to use infolevel 260 instead of 259.

2.3/2.4-test hasn't received any of the changes that 2.2 has, including
long dirs, posix unlink, rm -rf fixes. I have a patch vs 2.3.99-pre9 to
upgrade smbfs to 2.2, that haven't made it past the maintainer yet.


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