smbmount cannot browse large NT directories

Ben Tilly ben_tilly at
Tue Jun 27 17:44:20 GMT 2000

Urban Widmark wrote:
>On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Ben Tilly wrote:
> > This is a problem I get with various versions of Samba, up to and 
> > 2.0.7.  (The version shipped with Debian.)
>It's not in smbmount, it's in smbfs. What kernel version are you using? It
>should be fixed in 2.2.14 and up. It is NOT fixed in 2.3/2.4-test since
>that smbfs code has not received the fixes made to 2.2.
2.2.12.  That sounds like it
> > I mean that "ls *" comes up blank, however if you know the filename, "ls
> > foo.txt" will still find the file and you can access it without 
>You should get an error message from smbfs in your syslog.

I did.

> > I do not have a simple test case for which ones have trouble, here is 
>what I
> > know.  All of them have several thousand entries.  A list of random 
>If you want to play with it here is a zip I made when I ran into this (the
>569 files are all supposed to be empty).
Thanks greatly.  Time to file a report with Debian then.

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