smbmount cannot browse large NT directories

Ben Tilly ben_tilly at
Tue Jun 27 16:40:30 GMT 2000

This is a problem I get with various versions of Samba, up to and including 
2.0.7.  (The version shipped with Debian.)

I have an NT machine (4.0, service-pack 3 using NTFS) exporting a filesystem 
to Linux through smbmount.  Specific directories are not browsable.  By that 
I mean that "ls *" comes up blank, however if you know the filename, "ls 
foo.txt" will still find the file and you can access it without problems.

I do not have a simple test case for which ones have trouble, here is what I 
know.  All of them have several thousand entries.  A list of random files 
that long is OK.  If I create an organized list I am OK.  If I play around 
too much with the files in a directory, it becomes OK (at least for a bit).  
But I have a list of several thousand filenames where if I create a new 
directory, put files with those names in it, and then try to read it from 
Linux, I come up blank.

Other NT machines have no problems with these directories.

My current production workaround is to zip the directory in NT, then copy 
the zip file and unzip in Linux.


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