sending "WinPopup" message to a user

William R. Knox wknox at
Tue Jun 27 12:13:12 GMT 2000

Seeing as you have gotten no response yet, I will lend my uneducated
piece of observational guesswork. The NT machine which I use, when I log
on, registers itself with the WINS server as an 03 resource type (i.e.
able to receive WinPopUp messages) under both the machine name _and_ my
logon name. This is verified by performing an nmblookup -R -U
wins-server 'username#03', which returns a value, as does the same query
with the machine name. So you should be able to use smbclient -M
username and get the message to go to them. Again, this is on my NT
machine - I have no idea if this is standard or freakish behavior.

Good luck!

Russell Kliese wrote:
> Just wondering if there is a way to send a WinPopup message to a user
> (using username). I have had a look at smbclient but it appears to only
> allow sending messages to a computer name.
> Thanks in advance,
> Russell Kliese

			Bill Knox
			Senior Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

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