Odd WINS Problem

William R. Knox wknox at mitre.org
Tue Jun 27 11:52:44 GMT 2000

Well, I hate to add to the "me, toos" out here, but the same thing has
been happening to us on an unpredictable schedule for months. Here is
some more info -

Solaris 2.6 machines running 2.0.4b and 2.0.7.

Multiple Windows NT 4.0 servers running SP 5 acting as WINS servers.

One other odd piece of behavior - when it happens, it seems to affect
ALL of our samba servers registered with the same WINS server at once
(or at least within a matter of hours - we know when it happens fairly
quickly, but not instantly), while the samba servers registered with
another WINS server are unaffected.

I sent out a note to this list about half a year ago and only heard a
brief chatter of "me, toos" and then nothing. Has anyone seen any
similar behavior and come up with a solution, or at least a root cause?
Hell, I'll take even a possible cause. The only solution we've come up
with is to stop and start the nmbd process every now and again in order
to force it to reregister with the WINS server. But that smacks of the
maintenance reboots that I hear NT admins have to do ;-)

			Bill Knox
			Senior Operating Systems Programmer/Analyst
			The MITRE Corporation

andrew morgan wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Vogle, Brian wrote:
> > I've been having an odd problem with nmbd and WINS.  We have two WINS
> > servers running on NT4.0, and eight solaris machines running samba (2.0.7).
> > Every so often, it appears that WINS loses its db entry for the samba
> > machines.  If I stop and restart nmbd, the samba machine reregisters with
> > WINS and all is good.  The problem is very sporadic, and doesn't seem to
> > affect all of the machines.
> >
> > We've seen this problem since around the 2.0.4 days.  We upgrade with each
> > release hoping to fix the problem.
> I'd like to second this report.  We had exactly this problem happen with a
> linux server running 2.0.6.  We couldn't see anything unusual in the logs
> on either the samba machine or the WINS server.  This has only happened to
> us once.
>         Andy

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