SAMBA and the windows NT browse list

Dave Reed dreed at
Tue Jun 27 00:12:04 GMT 2000

> I was using RH5.2 to learn Linux and had succesfully configured SAMBA.  I 
> decided to update toa newer version of SAMBA (2.06 i believe) and have run 
> into only one problem.  Using a windows NT box I can search for the SAMBA 
> machine and find it but it will not show up in network neighborhood.  and 
> solutions?
> -Dana

I don't know if this is the problem or not - but I've seen Windows
95/98 be flaky (anyone surprised? :-) - sometimes other machines (both
samba and other Windows 95/98 machines) show up and sometimes they
don't, but I've got shortcuts on the desktop to files on the samba
server and double clicking on those works even when the samba server
doesn't show up in Network Neighborhood.


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