connecting to network remotely with pppd

Marvin Horst pbzinc at
Mon Jun 26 18:56:37 GMT 2000

Does anyone have any tips on getting hooked up to a local network from win95
client through a linux ppp server?

I'm close to getting it working. I've logged on remotely and can ping or
telnet to the linux ppp server but I cannot ping to any other machine on the
local network. Do I need to add some route commands? This is what my routing
table looks like after my ppp connection is started.

linux - linux ppp server
pbznet - router to internet - remote win95 client

Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway                     Genmask             Flags
Metric Ref   Use Iface
linux                 *                     UH
0      0        0     eth0   *                   UH        0
0        0     ppp0     *                       U
0      0        0     eth0         *                                 U
0      0        0     lo
default             pbznet                              UG
0      0        0     eth0

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