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Chris Watt cnww at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Jun 25 09:42:13 GMT 2000

At 03:16 PM 25/06/00 +1000, you wrote:

>If there is a script I can place somwehre, please tell me what it's name
>is and where I can place it!

Various Windows flavors have varying degrees of support for logon scripts
which might sometimes work. . . Personally I find that the easiest way to
handle things is to reference a batch file from the RUN key in the windows
registry along the lines of:



Then logon.pif starts logon.bat with the run-minimized and close when done
options set. Logon.bat consists of essentially:

--- CUT HERE --

net time \\smbserver /set /yes
if errorlevel 1 goto error

net use * \\smbserver\logon /yes | choice /C:abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz >NUL:
if errorlevel 0 set mappedrive=ERROR
if errorlevel 1 set mappedrive=a
if errorlevel 2 set mappedrive=b
if errorlevel 3 set mappedrive=c
if errorlevel 4 set mappedrive=d
if errorlevel 5 set mappedrive=e
if errorlevel 6 set mappedrive=f
if errorlevel 7 set mappedrive=g
if errorlevel 8 set mappedrive=h
if errorlevel 9 set mappedrive=i
if errorlevel 10 set mappedrive=j
if errorlevel 11 set mappedrive=k
if errorlevel 12 set mappedrive=l
if errorlevel 13 set mappedrive=m
if errorlevel 14 set mappedrive=n
if errorlevel 15 set mappedrive=o
if errorlevel 16 set mappedrive=p
if errorlevel 17 set mappedrive=q
if errorlevel 18 set mappedrive=r
if errorlevel 19 set mappedrive=s
if errorlevel 20 set mappedrive=t
if errorlevel 21 set mappedrive=u
if errorlevel 22 set mappedrive=v
if errorlevel 23 set mappedrive=w
if errorlevel 24 set mappedrive=x
if errorlevel 25 set mappedrive=y
if errorlevel 26 set mappedrive=z
if errorlevel 27 set mappedrive=ERROR

if "%mappedrive%"=="ERROR" goto error

call %mappedrive%\logon.bat

net delete %mappedrive% /yes

goto end

echo Oops, it looks like your network is broken

--- CUT HERE --

The preceding maps a share called "logon" to any available drive letter,
attempts to run a file called "logon.bat" located in that share (may be
user/machine/time dependant by using samba's various magic file creation
abilities) and then disconnects from the logon share. I've stripped out a
lot of the ugly kludge code for my specific setup, so the above may be
slightly broken in some way, but it should be possible to fix it easily
enough if that is the case.
The variation on this which I am using works fine in Windows9x, not sure
about NT but it should work if it has the dos NET command.

Irony: Bill Gates claims to be making a stable Operating System,
and Linus Torvalds claims to be taking over the world.

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