Odd WINS Problem

LOVETT, David David.LOVETT at eur.crowncork.com
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I am afraid this is not a solution to this problem. We are having the same
problem on our Solaris boxes. It doesn't seem to happen on Linux. Is this a



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I've been having an odd problem with nmbd and WINS.  We have two WINS
servers running on NT4.0, and eight solaris machines running samba (2.0.7).
Every so often, it appears that WINS loses its db entry for the samba
machines.  If I stop and restart nmbd, the samba machine reregisters with
WINS and all is good.  The problem is very sporadic, and doesn't seem to
affect all of the machines.  

We've seen this problem since around the 2.0.4 days.  We upgrade with each
release hoping to fix the problem.

Any ideas?



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