Filetime resolution problem,

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Fri Jun 23 12:15:04 GMT 2000

Randy Kahle wrote (quotingInSync)
| When InSync copies a file to a target directory it explicitly sets
| the last modified time stamp of the target file to be the same as
| that of the source file. Due to implementation differences between
| various Microsoft OSs we allow up to 2 seconds of difference between
| last modified timestamps before we consider them different and
| initiate a copy. This is because some of these OSs only maintain the
| stamp with 2 second accuracy. We do not know Samba implementation
| details but the timestamps in the logs you provided differ by up to
| 4.5 seconds. This is enough to trigger a copy.

| Has anyone else run into this problem? What is the solution?

	Yes, you probably want "dos filetime resolution" set,
	which should set it to exactly 2 seconds.  See
	for a discussion about using it to fool MS C++ into
	not rebuilding everything mindlessly...

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