mitch mitch at
Thu Jun 22 21:08:08 GMT 2000

Hello. I'm trying to get samba up and going for a cdrom server with no
luck. Let me describe my setup so that you can hopefully catch something
obivous that I'm doing wrong.

netware server(ipx)
Linux box(firewall, router)----hubs------computers(Win95/98)
                                                             Linux Cdrom

The linux box that's the firewall is what does the routing and assigns
the ips. The firewall on it Does block netbios, etc....  I'm currently
using mars_nwe on the cdrom server but the Novell server is about to be
switched to NT and will then use tcp/ip so I will not be able to use
mars_nwe any longer with the cdrom server. Therefore I must use samba.
I'm trying to go ahead and get samba up with the novell server up and
trying to make the cdrom server the wins server but I'm not having any
luck with the win95 computers seeing it. As I said before, that firewall
does block netbios, etc.. but does that matter with using samba locally
and does it matter that Novell is up and running right now which is the
main netware server? Thanks for any help.

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