Case sensitive password Win95 client

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Jun 22 16:59:05 GMT 2000

Werner Maes wrote:
> I can solve this issue by using the "password level" 
> parameter but I don't want to do this since it puts a greater 
> load on the server and decreases security.
> Does anyone know why the Win9x-clients do not 
> support mixed-case passwords when logging to a domain? Does 
> anyone know a solution or recognizes the problem?

On a decent server, my experience has been that the load 
is actually small for password server = 4.  I say small in comparison
to performance. The UPPER casing of passwords is simply a Windows 9x 
client issue and there is no way of getting around it.  

Of course, other posts have already mentioned the possibility 
of using password encryption, but you rpelied this was not an 

Sorry for the bad news,

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