Case sensitive password Win95 client

werner maes werner.maes at
Thu Jun 22 07:07:03 GMT 2000

Greg Williamson wrote:

> Werner Maes wrote:
> > I can solve this issue by using the "password level" parameter but I
> > don't want to
> > do this since it puts a greater load on the server and decreases
> > security.
> But it will fix the problem.  It only increases the load for people with
> mixed-case passwords.  It does decrease security, which is why people
> may be better off having different LAN/Unix passwords.
> > Does anyone know why the Win9x-clients do not support mixed-case
> > passwords
> > when logging to a domain? Does anyone know a solution or recognizes the
> > problem?
> Win9x sends the password in uppercase.  By default, samba converts to
> lowercase, tries in upper case, then works through the password
> capitalising up to "password level" letters.
> If you were to use an smbpasswd file it would fix the problem too.  You
> could also try playing with encrypt passwords and update encrypted to
> help generate/populate/maintain your smbpasswd file a bit more easily.

Yes, but I have 25.000 users which means I cannot use the smbpasswd file
this is very slow (it is a non-indexed file). I am forced to use passwd (or
rather a
databased version of passwd).

Isn't there a patch available which enables Win9x to send the passwords in

Kind regards,

Werner Maes

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