Samba - Win2000

Neta Hedberg neta.hedberg at
Thu Jun 22 06:21:33 GMT 2000

Hello all Samba gurus

We are installing a Win2000 server which will be the PDC in our network. We 
also have a True64 4.0F machine with Samba running on it. We want this 
Samba server to become a member of the Win2000 domain so that the users 
will be able to map the shares on their workstations.

I have browsed the Samba-faq and it seems that this is possible if you use 
NT4, but does anyone know if this is true for Win2000 also? I have also 
heard that Win2000 has built-in support for this, does anyone know if that 
is so?

Greetings from Neta

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