Multiple Services on one Server

Marco Bartolucci marco at
Tue Jun 20 23:14:59 GMT 2000

           Newbie question!

                                     We currently are running a product call
TAS from Syntax Corporation and would like to move to Samba.  I have review
the documentation and cannot find how to set up muliple services on one
server.  I tried using the Netbios name =   and the include statement to
bring in another smb.conf file but I don't think I'm on the right track.
Like I said, a newbie question.  

                                   Can anyone tell me if what I'm trying to
do is possible in samba.  An example of what I wish to do is:


                                   Basically I wish to have services called
NFS1, NFS2, NFS3 running all from one box and only being capable of getting
into "disk1" if I'm mapped to service NFS1,  accessing "code" if I'm mapped
to NFS2 etc ....

                 I hope I've made myself clear 

                    Thank You



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