Red Hat CDROM Support

Greg_Williamson at Greg_Williamson at
Tue Jun 20 01:41:29 GMT 2000


I hate to ask this, but is the CD currently mounted?  I tried to do this, with a
very similar smb.conf file, and couldn't see anything.  When I rechecked things,
I found the CD wasn't mounted, hence nothing to show.  Mounting it fixed the



I am trying to share a LINUX RED HAT 6.2 CDROM drive using SAMBA.

The Windows 98 Network Neighborhood shows a folder but when I open it
there is nothing inside it.

my conf CDROM entry looks like the following.

             path = /mnt/cdrom
             guest ok = Yes

Is CDROM share supported using Red Hat Linux?

Could someone send me a sample conf file supporting CDROM shares?

Is there someting else I have to do to make this work.

Bill Hecox

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