Samba and LDAP

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You should take a look at this link:

It goes into sufficient detail on how to use the integrated ldap stuff with

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> Hi there,
> First off, great work with Samba - I've been using it for a few years now,
> and I think it's absolutely fantastic :)
> Now, onto the purpose of this mail..
> I'm currently working on a project to integrate (to a degree) OpenLDAP,
> OpenSSL, Kerberos, Exim and Samba in order to provide a free alternative
> to Microsoft's Active Directory. While on the face of it, this may appear
> to be a massive project, it's not nearly as tricky as one would think
> (thank goodness!).
> My question concerns Samba's user authentication.
> While it's quite possible to have a script (or something equivalent) that
> generates /etc/smbusers, /etc/smbpasswd, and so forth, from an LDAP
> database, I was wondering if there were any patches that you guys know of
> that allow the Samba server to interface directly with the LDAP server,
> grabbing the appropriate information from the "account" object directly?
> If not, I'll probably have to sit and write all this stuff myself, but if
> something along those lines already exists, it'd make my life a helluva
> lot easier :)
> Thanks in advance for any help/pointers/etc.
> Regards,
> Mo.
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