Samba and DNS

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Jun 16 13:19:17 GMT 2000

Panagiotis Malakoudis wrote:
> I did. The book says and I quote "dns proxy: If set to 
> yes, a samba WINS server will search DNS if it cannot 
> find a name in WINS." Does this also apply when you have 
> not setup your samba server as a WINS
> server but instead use another one?

My bad.  I thought that you said you were using samba 
as a wins server.  Must have misread the original post.
'dns proxy' only comes into play when you are a wins
server.  I just verified this in nmd/nmbd_winsserver.c

> Now where name resolve order is concerned...
> The default order from what I see is lmhosts-hosts-wins-bcast.
> This is what I use. There is no record in my smb.conf 
> that states otherwise. No record at all that points to a DNS server.

hosts uses gethostbyname() for all netbios names ending 
in #20 (file / print server names).  Therefore, it will use 
DNS depending on you /etc/nsswitch.conf configuration 
for 'hosts'.

If you do an strace on the stalled smbd, what does 
it show?  What to the debug logs say (at level 5)?

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