samba, MS Access and file/record locking. OT Addendum

Dave Reed dreed at
Thu Jun 15 23:47:55 GMT 2000

> From: "Chris Mauricio" <cmauricio at>
> Gonna make another recommendation.
> Unless the optometrist gives YOU free eye exams and glasses, put together a
> rate sheet for them up to set the rules *now*.   I'll use David's
> quote in a different context..

She does because the optometrist is my wife :-).  The business is
really the optician's (he sells the glasses, contacts, etc. - the
optometrists just get the exam fees minus a small "rent" fee).

Their computers were hosed this morning so my wife called me and asked
if I could come in (I teach so I work from home during the summer).  I
packed up one of my Linux boxes to take with me to try things out.  I
got everything back up and working and tested it with my Linux/samba
server and it seemed fine.  I think I talked them into getting a
Celeron for a samba server (with me getting it so they don't get the
cheap parts that is part of their problem now) and if they have me do
it the optician is going to pay me a reasonable amount to set it up
for them.

Thanks to everyone for all their help.


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