Samba Configuration Question

Kevin A. Hall Hallka at
Thu Jun 15 21:47:46 GMT 2000

I am looking at replacing an existing NT 4 server with a Linux system
running Samba.  I having been reading through the documentation and have
run into some questions about the best configuration to use.

The current environment:

Main Site:  Lamb1 domain
  1 - PDC:NT4
  2 - BDC:NT4

Remote Site:  MMW1 domain
  1 - PDC: NT4
 all Win95/98 clients

There is two way trust between the two domains.

This is how I would plan to change this if I were to replace the remote
site's NT server with a new NT server:

 - Place a BDC at the remote site and get rid of the MMW1 domain.  This
would provide a local logon server, but keep the admin function at the
main site.  I would be my preference (in the NT world) to not have the
two domains.  Is this true of a mixed Samba and NT scenario?

In looking at using Samba for the remote site, what would be a good

Here are some of the options that I have been thinking of:

1.  Use the std 2.07 with domain pointing to the PDC at the main site.
I assume this would cause the Samba server to pass auth requests to the
main site's PDC.  If the WAN link between the main and remote site is
down, is the auth cache at the remote site allow the clients to login
and access the MMW server?

2.  Set the remote site Samba server to a BDC under the Lamb1 domain.  I
assume this requires one of the non-stable NTDomain source trees.  This
seems like the closest to the NT version that I would be inclined to
implement.  It should have a local logon server, but user info is
maintained at the main site.  Does this work for Samba and is it a
preferred method?  Any downsides?

3.  Set up a Samba PDC (keeping it the MMW domain) at the remote site.
Use a two way trust between this Samba server and the main site's PDC.

4.  Use the std 2.07 and set up user or share access.  What problems
would this cause in accessing the main sites servers?



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