__MSBROWSE__ inconsistency

Giulio Orsero giulioo at pobox.com
Thu Jun 15 16:53:23 GMT 2000

Linux 2.2.14, samba 2.0.7

samba kept __MSBROWSE__ registered but thought it was not the master

1) samba started and became master browser (6/13/2000 0.00)

2) then there was a problem on the network (I played with ipchains...)

3) samba received an announce from a win9x pc claiming it was MB
(6/13/2000 circa 8.00AM)

Due to the problems of point2, the election that samba usually wins
(because it's configured to do so) was "corrupted"

Samba thought it lost, but failed to release __MSBROWSE__ 
 [2000/06/13 08:13:38, 0] nmbd/nmbd_namerelease.c:release_name(231)
  release_name: Failed to send packet trying to release name
WORKGROUP<1d> IP x.x.x.7

4) samba kept __MSBROWSE__ registered, but thought it was not MB.

5) the other pc's were confused, asking samba for the browse list, and
samba kept reporting:
[2000/06/13 12:53:44, 0]
  process_get_backup_list_request: domain list requested for workgroup
WORKGROUP and I am not a local master browser.

this  (log full of the above errors) continued until today when I found
out that "smbclient -L samba" told me samba believed that another pc was
the master browser.

Note that if I do
nmblookup -S <samba>  I see _MSBROWSE_
nmblookup -S <the pc samba thinks it's MB> I don't see __MSBROWSE_

Samba thinks that the pc I talked about at point 3 is the MB.

I restarted samba to restore a normal situation.

I was the cause of this because I played with ipchains, but I think
samba should find a way to handle this.
Is there a way to have samba periodically force an election if it's the
"preferred master browser" but it's not "master browser"?


giulioo at pobox.com

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