Usign hosts allow in the smb.conf file

Ravi Kadam rkadam at
Thu Jun 15 07:23:41 GMT 2000


I have a setup of Windows NT machines and SUN Solaris (UNIX) machines.
I have installed samba on one of the UNIX machine. I am able to connect
to the
UNIX machine using samba from any of my NT machines.

I want only few of my NT machines should be able to connect to the UNIX
machine (with samba).

To do so, I have set following in my smb.conf file

hosts allow = hostname1, hostname2, ...

I am using the following command on NT machine.

net use x: \\<unix machinename>

My problem is , on executing the above command, it asks for a password.
My intention is to avoid the password. (I want to use the above command
in a batch file)

I tried specifying  following in the smb.conf file (along with hosts

guest ok = yes

Any suggestions !!


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