Strange Samba/NT compatibility issue

Leo Kliger leo at
Thu Jun 15 05:07:03 GMT 2000

Hi SysAdmins,
I have a strange Samba issue on several different Digital Unix machines
running different releases of ver 4 and different hardware builds.
The only common factor is the ver of Samba. So although I'm not
convinced it is Samba I thought I'd check the Samba Archives first
but as fate would have the site appears to be down so I thought I would run 
it past this group to see if anyone has seen the issue on Digital Unix or
other unix.....
What's happening is that some files are not displaying from NT (4.0 & 5.0)
workstations via explorer, even after a refresh.
If I copy the file to another name then the copy is not visible but 
the original file is. If I delete the copy then the original 
disappears again.
All the while the file on unix is there...... and incidently if I run a DIR 
from a command prompt on the workstation the file is also there.... it seems
to be an issue with the GUI only.
Also, you can directly access the file by name from the appropriate
app if you know its precise name and location.
The version of samba is 2.0.6.
Any ideas?

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