SMB probs

Clulow, Geoff gclulow at
Thu Jun 15 01:16:20 GMT 2000


I have put a lot of Linux systems together using various versions of Redhat.
I currently use Redhat 6.1 and I have just installed Redhat 6.2. My Samba
shares will not work any more .  I am trying to attach from an NT box using
security = server in the smb.conf file in /etc.  This has always worked
until now.  In the /var/log/samba files I find an error in the smb.log file.
This error says lib/access.c:check_access.  What has happened?  Have I set
some thing up incorrectly?  Testparm shows no errors but when I run
smbclient -L mylinuxbox test no 3 I have a protocol negotiation failed error
or a not listening error.  Inetd seems ok.
Please help


Geoff Clulow
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