PPP and Samba

Ashley Drees ash at trellick.net
Wed Jun 14 12:56:42 GMT 2000


I could not help noticing that you have done what I am trying to do... I 
need to get my users logging in and then mapping shares based on GID, 
have you any pointers on this...

I have dynamic logons working but do not have enough perl yet to work 
this one out...

BUT I have got at least some kind of remote access working on NT4 and 
windows 9x with samba..

i have a netlogon script for use out of office which will map netlogon 
share and then run the user batch file that is created when they 
attach....  so what I have been trying to do is to connect to the 
server.... then attach to the netlogon share... which will create the 
%u.bat which is then run... makind sure that you have lmhosts and hosts 
set up... 

start netlogon.bat

rem stuff here to connect to the server
rasdial server 
rem nt only, just what is the command line for win9x

sleep 10
ping server -n 3
net use x: \\server\netlogon
echo you are connected to server
sleep 30

could also make a logoff bat... remember that win9x client local login 
has to be correct for perms to work properly.. but I gues you know that.


In article <39475D5E.BE6FFB8A at fesa.co.uk>, matthewh at fesa.co.uk (Matthew 
Halliday) wrote:

> Greetings
> I ran this question several months ago and didn't really get anywhere
> with it, and so let it go for a while as other things were pressing.
>   Now I have a bit of breathing space, I'm back on it again.
> We've got a PPP dial-in setup, with server asaigned IP addresses and PAP
> authentication.  We have an HP LH3 NetServer with RedHat 6.1 and Samba. 
> We run 60-odd Windows 95 clients against it, and they log on using a
> rather nice logon script that maps drives depending on UID and GID.  
> But when we dial in I also need the logon script to run and map the 
> Samba shares ro the remote PC/ laptop.  Trouble is, It doesn't. 
> TCP/IP connections are fine - I can telnet onto the server and
> I can also access the intranet and e-mail from home.  But I can't get to 
> my files unless I use ftp.  I've got NetBEUI and TCP/IP running on my
> home 
> PC, do I need a script to run on the client?  If so, what do I need in
> it?
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks
> Matt.

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