Swat Administration from various users...

Will Kim wkim at rim.net
Tue Jun 13 17:39:49 GMT 2000

Hi everyone,

Anyone know what could be wrong here?

Running RH6.0 (I think I tried this with RH6.2 too) with Samba 2.0.7, swat

Under the smb.conf, I put the following:

domain admin users = admin1 admin2 admin3
admin users = admin1 admin2 admin3
(where admin1 admin2 and admin3 are real administrator userid's (for

the smb.conf file is owner:group as root:swat, and all admins are in the
swat group. The smb.conf is chmod'd 664. 

Yet, if I go into swat with any login other than root, I don't get admin
privileges... Anyone know why this is happening? The documentation on SWAT
is rather poor...

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