Multiple login scripts

A. Zuercher aaron at
Tue Jun 13 16:33:37 GMT 2000

I work for a school district and am in the middle of
configuring a SAMBA server to provide our students and
faculty with the capabilites to save thier data on the SAMBA

Is there a way to setup different logins for students and
staff?  My current logon script line is as follows:

        logon script = homelogon.bat

I know you can youa %u varialbe and assign individual logon
scripts for each user, but this is unneccssary.  Instead is
there a group variable I could use to have staff.bat and a
student.bat login script run according to which group the
person is in?

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to email
me directly as well as thourgh this list.

Aaron Zuercher
Assistant System Administrator
Pekin School District 108
Pekin, IL

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