OT: raging controversy

Dean Brissinger brissing at vexcel.com
Tue Jun 13 01:45:08 GMT 2000

[Minson, John M. <minsonj at spawar.navy.mil>]
>  We have a raging controversy here with many beers bet on the correct answer.
>  How do you pronounce 'Samba'?
>  like 'Sam...'
>  or
>  like 'Som...'

At 11:16 PM +1000 6/11/00, Peter Samuelson wrote:
>At the risk of feeding the troll ... I pronounce it like the first
>syllable of my surname.  No one else here at work does, though.

Everyone at my company prefers the "Som" sounding version.  I think 
sam sounds lamer.  It's like saying "geeg" vs. "gig" for gigabit.  Of 
course, some Uops are willing to argue "geeg" into the ground.  ;)

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